How we implement

Our objective is to make everyone's life easier!

A key element of our service that distinguishes us from other Microsoft Dynamics software providers is our unique ‘Day in the Life’ methodology.

The problem with traditional approaches is that there's lots of conversation, rarely in the context of a process, but more on a department by department basis. This means even more documentation, which is rarely read or understood and very little actual solution building. In fact, the first time a lot of users see the system they are getting is after it's been built and not often is what they see, what they thought they were getting!

By using Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 to model your business processes with your data, users can see what they are going to get and how it will work very early in the design phase of the project. By exposing users in this manner we aim to deliver solutions quicker, in a more focused manner and without the shock of nasty surprises later in the project lifecycle. 

Our objective is to make everyone’s life easier whether it's by streamlining the flow of data, providing greater access to important data when and where it is required, or just tailoring the interface to suit an individual or a role, we aim to give your people more time to pay attention to the small details that make a big difference.


We offer three implementation options for those wanting to implement Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365:

What Makes Us Different | Day In the Life | The NAV People,

Day in the Life Methodology

When we start working with you, you'll find that we pay close attention to the work-related needs of the entire business as well as those of key individuals in your company.

The NAV People's Unique Pilot Methodology

Hot Week - The NAV People's Unique Pilot Methodology

Our Hot Week methodology is designed to create a proof of concept environment to demonstrate how the solution will work for you. Not all decisions on the suitability of solution can be made in the pr...

Rapid Start Methodology

Rapid Start Methodology

Rapid Start is ideal for businesses looking to grow and adapt Enterprise-level business solutions without the cost and risk associated to deploying a large solution.