Whitepaper: Can Dynamics NAV scale up?

In today’s rapidly evolving world more and more organizations, big and small, are receiving increasing amounts of data from multiple sources such as OCR, EDI, websites and telesales meaning the volume of through-put is much greater than has traditionally been seen. Many people think of Microsoft Dynamics NAV as an ERP solution for small and medium sized businesses but we know that this wonderful solution is used to great effect by organizations with some seriously high volumes of orders!

We now have no concerns about NAV scalability

We have some of the largest NAV implementations in the world with installations of over 1,000 databases in a single customer and multi-terabyte databases to installations with over 1,000 concurrent users. We conducted an exercise to prove that NAV is a scalable solution which could manage high volumes of orders coming from simultaneous channels without causing performance problems. When we showed the results to a prospect considering using NAV as their ERP solution they firmly concluded: ‘We now have no concerns about NAV scalability’.

This whitepaper shares the findings of our tests - you can download it from the form on the right-hand side of this page.