Helping your Users: Dynamics NAV Training

Learning Dynamics NAV can be quite a challenge at the start, especially for those users not used to the system and who may not have used an ERP system before. Fear not, there are plenty of ways you can help your users learn the system, and they’ll love you for it!

Help Tool
Our Help Tool allows you to easily access Help pages so when a user gets to a page and scratches their head, they can press F1 and be given a webpage explaining how the process works. Hurrah! Taking this a step further, Help pages can be created for pages that may not have any standard Help (for example any bespoke pages) and they can also be customized for existing pages. So if you have customized a standard process or want to highlight a company procedure, you can easily make it part of the Help experience.


ClickLearn is a third-party tool that makes the creation of Dynamics NAV training content and documentation fast, efficient and pain free. With ClickLearn your super-user steps through a process in the system, for example stepping through creating a Purchase Order, and it will record every time a button was pressed, value entered, etc. Once the user has finished a process, ClickLearn will automatically create this as a document which can be turned into a Word Document, PDF, HTML file, video in various formats, PowerPoint presentation, etc.

What you do with the production results are for you to decide. They can be given to users as individual documents or put together in one website that users can access and use to learn about your system!