Attention all NAV Users: Introducing The Knowledge Portal!

One of the best thing about Dynamics NAV is that it is constantly being improved and updated but with that brings a few challenges to us IT folk. We have to make sure our users are comfortable and happy using the system that oh-so-many people have put effort in implementing.

Even for new starters, giving them a guide or series of documents to introduce them to the system and to help them get used to it is often overlooked. And besides, who wants to flick through pages and pages of screen shots anyway! For a while now, we’ve been pondering the age-old question: ‘What is the best way to train new users on the system?’ and that pondering has birthed ‘The Knowledge Portal’!

The Knowledge Portal is an online portal, freely available to customers of The NAV People, where you can take courses about your favorite subject; Dynamics NAV of course! The aim of The Knowledge Portal is to provide a set of interactive documents and videos that teach users about the system. We’ve designed these courses to cover standard functionality in NAV such as the Sales module including ‘Creating Customers’ and ‘Basic Sales’.

who wants to flick through pages and pages of screen shots anyway!

Courses are regularly added into The Knowledge Portal and even cover other functional areas including Finance, Purchasing, Warehouse etc. There will be a course suitable for everyone, no matter what type of company you are or what parts of the system you use!

NAV Newbies
New members to the wonderful world of NAV will also be able to make full use of the ‘Getting Started in NAV’ area. This area contains courses designed to familiarize new users with the application, explain basic concepts such as navigation and to help them get over that initial learning curve.

As well as covering standard functionality in Dynamics NAV (such as Sales, Purchasing, etc), there is a ‘Learning nAblement’ course which will teach users how they can customize their user interface with Panels and Tiles, create their own nHanced Fields and design their own reports using Quick Reports etc! This course is designed for those that have our nAblement or nHanced NAV product suites!

No boring documents allowed!
The courses are designed to be as interactive as possible. Each course contains a descriptive document stepping through a process and videos. As well as showing the user what the process is the course actually simulates it for them so they can step through the process without actually doing it in a Dynamics NAV system!

There’s no ‘I’ in team
The Knowledge Portal revolves around teams and in a team a specified user (called a ‘Knowledge Manager’) can assign courses to people in their team. This means that as a new starter joins the company, they can be assigned courses which they will be prompted to take. Otherwise, people are free to take any courses they want. Being a Knowledge Manager, you can see the progress of your users, what courses they have passed and failed therefore giving you the ability to provide structure to their learning! Once you or your users have finished a course in the Knowledge Portal, you’ll both be emailed the results so you don’t have to keep logging in to know if that course has been completed!