Exploiting Technology: nHanced Views

Viewing data in Dynamics NAV has always been 'listy' or 'cardy'; now you can change the way you see your data, enabling you to make better decisions

With nHanced Views, you can view data in several different ways without any additional effort, allowing you to get more context out of the data you are looking at, therefore you can make better informed decisions!

An nHanced View is essentially a definition of a table and fields and they are designed to be set-up in minutes. A user can define what data they want to report from, for example the Customer table, maybe put a filter on it, for example where the Balance is greater than 0 and then they can quickly select the fields they want to see.

An nHanced View comes with 4 different ways you can view the data out-of-the-box:

Lane View:
Firstly there is a Lane View, which groups the data by a field value, for example you can view all Customers by their Salesperson Code so you’ll see a vertical group per Salesperson, and all of the customers assigned to each one. You’ll also see Customers that don’t have a Salesperson, so you can make the decision ‘Should this Customer have a Salesperson?’, ‘Why don’t they already?’ and you can view the total count of customers each Salesperson has before dragging and dropping a record from one ‘lane’ to another to assign any more.

Map View:
Secondly there is a Map View, so you can press ‘Map View’ to view the Customers on a map (which uses their Post Code if it’s set, or a Coordinates nHanced Field can be added) and then you can decide which Salesperson to assign Customer X to based on where they are on the map!

Chart View:
Thirdly there is Chart View and it does what it says on the tin. What’s powerful is the ability to change what chart you are looking at, e.g. whether a Bar Chart is more relevant here but a Pie Chart may be more relevant for another scenario. You can also change what fields, based on the ones you selected earlier, you use as the X and Y axis, for example you can quickly create an nHanced View grouping your Customers by Salesperson Code, by their Balance Due, so at a glance you can see which Salespeople have a lot of work to do before quickly selecting different fields to make your next decision!

Grid View:
Last but not least there is Grid View, just like a standard List in Dynamics NAV you can sort by the fields you can see and by dragging and dropping columns into the top area, you can group the records by this column.


Returning home to the Role Center
You can view an nHanced View right here on the Role Center! No more opening pages and trying to find which view to run, you can have it setup and automatically shown. This enables you to have up-to-date information right there at a glance. You can chop and change between the different nHanced Views that are displayed on the Role Center so if you want to see other information, it's easy peasy!