Inventory Optimization with AGR

Inventory Optimizer is designed for improving operations in the retail and distribution sectors.

It uses raw data from your Dynamics NAV software and automatically selects the most appropriate forecasting method to estimate future demand, order proposals that minimize inventory costs and optimize service levels are then generated from these forecasts and uploaded back into Dynamics NAV.

Together with AGR, our inventory management solution is specifically designed to reduce your Purchasing Manager's workload and improve the inventory management processes by ensuring more accurate forecasting and ordering. It offers comprehensive sales forecasting features, order proposals, easy sales history adjustments and graphical displays to provide a more detailed and accurate overall overview.

AGR Inventory Optimizer can be added to any ERP software system, which means there is no replacement cost. The solution runs seamlessly, providing considerable savings on inventory costs, while increasing service levels as well as freeing up time for all those involved in the purchasing process!