Thinking about Upgrading?

Upgrading a Dynamics NAV implementation that's working well should only be considered if the new version offers sufficient benefit over the stability offered by your existing solution.

So instinctively our advice is that you should, but only in your own time. It’s always important to start planning for an upgrade. The benefits of the latest version of Dynamics NAV, the Role Tailored Client and the extended functionality provided by The NAV People, means that upgrading Dynamics NAV has never before delivered so many benefits. Most importantly, no new versions of the Classic Client will be released, meaning that at some point the Classic Client will no longer be supported on future versions of Windows.  Planning to do something will always be preferable than having to react.

Have a plan.  Even if it's two years away, don't be forced into upgrading without a plan. Think about what benefits could be gained and try to attach a value or time saving (especially improved visibility, workflow, document handling and sharing).  Remember - it's only software, not landing on the moon. You won't be the first or the last, your issues will have answers and your concerns will be understood!