Restart Upgrade

For a lot of customers the idea of heading straight into the new NAV version is something very difficult to comprehend or there are current business needs that just demand a higher priority.

In our experience a lot of the 'perceived' benefits of an upgrade normally relate to things that are just not delivered by a new version of the software but are in fact available today. Great examples tend to be around 'we want better analysis of our data', 'we want better process control, automation and management' or 'we need to deploy the solution to a broader audience'.

Where a client has a longer term plan for upgrading but a shorter term need to address critical business issues or requirements we look at a Restart Upgrade.

A Restart Upgrade is about using what you have today.

We upgrade the system to use the 2009 classic client, giving immediate technology and functional benefits, we introduce complimentary tools such as workflow and document management and we implement configuration changes to the core system in order to achieve those immediate results. We also use this as an opportunity to clean systems up, by getting you back to just the data you need, removing any unused developments, as well as reviewing processes and seeing how what you have can help you better.

The benefits of a Restart Upgrade mean that companies can have cleaner systems, with improved functionality and better process, while reducing the effort and risks around a full upgrade. By introducing a lot of the new processes and technologies earlier rather than later, it means the learning curve for users is greatly reduced. A restart is about injecting new life into your old system!