Co-Existence Upgrade

Some systems are just big and complex, and the thought of any upgrade strikes terror in the heart of the IT Team.  But all systems at some point need upgrading and the Co-Existence upgrade approach has been designed to reduce the impact, risk and the resource demands associated with large or complex system upgrades.

One of the downsides with integrated solutions is that they are integrated! Businesses can quite often identify areas of functionality that are not currently integrated, have inadequate solutions or identify where there is a logical grouping of system functions – which is our starting point for a Co-Existence upgrade.

Its concept is simple. Having carried out a full architectural 'Day in the Life' review of the existing system, we build a new Dynamics NAV 2016 solution alongside the existing implementation and migrate the solution across in logical elements until the entire solution is on the new platform.

The start of this process may see new areas of functionality being deployed on the 2016 platform before existing functionality is moved across. By choosing an area of the business that doesn’t currently use Dynamics NAV, the solution can be brought live, allowing both IT and users to gain experience of the new platform, all without affecting their existing operations.

Naturally a staged migration has an overhead, typically interim interfaces between the two systems are required and the management time is generally more, but by breaking an upgrade project into a number of phases the risk to the whole business is greatly reduced and the limited customer resources are able to deal with project in manageable chunks and not one big amorphous system.

When a whole becomes many pieces it becomes comprehensible!