Clean Start Upgrade

We designed the Clean Start Upgrade option to provide a series of pragmatic steps when upgrading legacy Dynamics NAV solutions.  The overall aim of the Clean Start program is to get customers back to an "as close to standard" solution as possible.

The very nature of the Dynamics NAV environment has meant that most existing implementations have a degree of bespoke work as part of their systems. In some cases this was to address specific requirements of the business at the time, in other cases it was to fill functional gaps that existed in the core solution.

Clean Start works on the premise that the core solution, now greatly evolved from earlier releases and a range of complimentary, standard add-ons should be the starting point for businesses looking to bring their Dynamics NAV solution up-to-date. This approach not only offers the opportunity to return to standard functionality, but also the chance to review and improve business processes as well as tackling and solving other issues faced in the day to day operating practices.

We appreciate that there will still be the need, to a greater or lesser extent, to bring across or introduce new customer specific configurations. With Clean Start we introduce those changes into a new environment rather than trying to migrate an already complex environment, creating a simpler and reduced risk approach.

By minimising the development work carried over, future upgrades become simpler and therefore more accessible; and of course there’s data - what better time for a spring clean! We load only the data you need, giving you the opportunity to redesign your customer numbers, restructure your Chart of Accounts and rethink your Dimension needs after the years of living with what you decided (or someone else decided) years ago. We also clear out all those items no longer sold, all the old COGS posted to the GL. The history is still there - we ensure the old database is still accessible even directly from the new NAV screens when needed, so you get the best of both worlds.