nHanced GDPR

Put an end to your GDPR anxiety with nHanced GDPR

The imminent introduction of the new GDPR legislation coming into effect May 2018 fills many with an acute sense of dread and anxiety.  All companies who either operate within the EU or who offer goods or services to individuals in the EU will be obliged to comply with GDPR and the consequences of getting it wrong are seriously financially hefty! The NAV People are here to take away your anxieties by providing a GDPR solution, designed specifically for Dynamics NAV, which ensures your business is fully GDPR compliant; nHanced GDPR.

nHanced GDPR is a module created to help your organisation manage both the GDPR data held as well as the processes necessary to be compliant.

Features of nHanced GDPR include:

  • A detailed definition of the places information is stored
  • Groupings of information held to easily identify all data related to customers, prospects, employees, suppliers etc.
  • The ability to record the reason for the need to hold specific data (table and field level)
  • Preloaded information relevant to Dynamics NAV structures
  • Logging and history of requests for information
  • Logging and history of requests for the right to remove information
  • Easy access to information held on an individual when held in Dynamics NAV
  • Obfuscation of information held once a successful right to remove has been validated

We deliver nHanced GDPR as software as a service and hold it securely in the Microsoft cloud. It will be fully integrated into your Dynamics NAV solution.

Top tip:

In order to be fully compliant with GDPR you need to record an inventory of your GDPR relevant data. Your business will hold a lot of information inside an ERP like Dynamics NAV, but will also have information held in SQL databases, SharePoint, Excel spreadsheets and in paper files. Ensure that you document what personal data you hold, where it came from and who you share it with. It may also be helpful to organise your information audit by business areas for further clarity.