nHanced GDPR has been created to help your organisation manage both the GDPR data held as well as the processes necessary to be compliant.

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nHanced GDPR Overview

With GDPR legislation coming into effect in May this year, all companies who either operate within or offer goods/services to individuals in the EU will be required to comply with GDPR.

So, what does this mean for you as an organisation and a Dynamics NAV user? In simple terms, it means all of us need to review how we hold and use PII and take steps to show that we are adhering to the data protection principles. The steps don’t just apply to data held within your ERP systems but all data, be it paper-based or electronic.

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nHanced GDPR Functionality

nHanced GDPR is designed to help you with your company’s GDPR compliance by:

  • Giving you a Data Inventory Library where you can identify PII data within standard NAV tables and allowing you to identify and record the Data Subjects with lawful basis codes assigned to them.
  • Enabling you to log all individual rights requests (e.g. the right of access and the right to erasure), including their outcome and timings.
  • Allowing you to search your Dynamics NAV system for specific PII data which is then attached to the request.
  • Providing you with a means to ‘erase’ PII data without causing data integrity issues in NAV through the use of obfuscation functionality.
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nHanced GDPR Knowledge Session

Watch our Knowledge Session on our nHanced GDPR product to hear and see an in-depth explanation of how we can help you on your journey to compliance.

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nHanced GDPR Whitepaper

We believe privacy is a fundamental right, and we believe that the GDPR is a crucial step forward for clarifying and enabling individual privacy rights.

Gain a basic understanding of GDPR with this whitepaper covering how to deal with personal data, detecting data breaches, testing security measures, and more.

nHanced GDPR Whitepaper