Best ERP Software Distributor - UK

By Corporate Vision Magazine

The NAV People are an innovative team providing Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 solutions and an end-to-end support service to clients across a range of sectors. We caught up with Marketing and Sales Director, Matthew Dredge to find out more.

Established in 2009, The NAV People are a young and creative team of technology experts working to create real value for their clients by offering end-to-end software solutions which cover every aspect of the client’s business.

Supporting a range of customers, the aims of The NAV People are what everyone should expect from a partner in business, a high quality of expertise, amazing product innovation and the absolute best standard of customer service. While always striving to be better, the team at The NAV People are positive that they have achieved those aims and the company will continue to be a centre of excellence in the Dynamics NAV World. Matthew explains how this all-encompassing service offering ensures excellence for its global clients, who span the entire corporate landscape, from retail through to accountancy and everything in between.

“At The NAV People we offer a range of business solutions which can manage every aspect of our clients’ business. Our solutions come with a full service, and as such our staff provide everything from in-house training and implementation through to on-going support. Across our two UK and 1 US office we have around 140 staff, and together we ensure excellence for every client we work with.

“At the start of the process they work closely with the client’s key users and staff, helping them to re-engineer processes and implement the right solution, we then provide training and assistance for as long as they require it. Our work doesn’t stop there, we offer on-going support and advice to guide clients through the entire user experience, and have a large customer service team specifically geared to ensure that clients always feel supported.”

To enable clients to always find what they are looking for, the company also offers a range of free online resources so anyone can access the latest news, videos and information on everything from the functionality of various NAV components through to an ultimate guide to NAV solutions and how to use them.

Offering this service means that the firm always has to remain at the forefront of the latest industry innovations. Matthew explains that this is achieved through communication, both with staff and customers.

“Having a young and eager workforce means that we are able to learn about the latest changes in the market and adapt quickly and efficiently. Emerging technology is constantly being adapted into our offerings to make them as innovative as possible. We also communicate closely with clients, who often monitor the latest technologies in their industry and work with us to incorporate these and create solutions which meet their needs.”

As evidenced, staff are of vital importance, both in terms of creating a cutting-edge range of solutions and supporting clients, and therefore The NAV People understand the importance of attracting and retaining the very best talent on the market, as Matthew is keen to emphasise.

“Staff make our business here at The NAV People, as they provide the services and user support and, ultimately, drive the user experience. As such, we are constantly recruiting to ensure that we always have the very best team possible supporting our clients. We firmly believe that if you look for new staff only when we need them then we will only have the choice from those looking for jobs at the time. To find staff with the very best talent and attitude, we are constantly seeking new staff and when we see someone we like, we hire them.

“Staff retention is also crucial, and thus we cultivate a relaxed, passionate, innovative and customer-centric internal culture to ensure a low staff turnover so that we consistently deliver excellent customer service. This is driven from the very top, and everyone, from the Directors down, work in an open plan office. Teams are deliberately integrated to ensure constant communication among staff. Suits are banned and we try to have fun and enjoy our work; everyone in the office has a Nerf Gun so they can let off steam! We host team events and teambuilding days, such as our recent Monopoly themed London pub crawl, which ensures a close-knit working environment. Hard work and collaboration are essential in our business and we aim to cultivate both these traits through this relaxed and supportive environment.”

Recently the firm has been working on a number of invigorating projects, including working with a client in the retail industry to implement a system which will support the business everything from accounting and stock management through to the state of the art customer interactions in store and online. The platform will enable the retailers customers the ultimate convenience of shopping anywhere, anytime with delivery or collection to suit while providing tailored loyalty for each unique shopper.

Looking ahead, Matthew believes that as AI and integrated technologies become more prevalent, client expectations will continue to grow, posing many invigorating challenges for The NAV People and offering them the chance to grow even further, as he explains in his concluding comments.

“Within the technology market currently we are seeing a migration towards cloud computing, and a shift from clients wanting to purchase our software to renting it. This has led to challenges in our business but we are working hard to manage this migration carefully and ensure that we continue to meet our clients’ needs.

“High expectations are another core development we have seen over recent years as technology integrates into our personal lives. Almost everyone now uses Facebook, Twitter and Siri, and clients expect the solutions we provide to be of the same exceptional quality. With the rise in AI, our ongoing focus will be supporting clients as we move into the age of ‘self-help’ technology, where programmes can support the clients themselves.

“Finally, another area of growth for The NAV People is international projects, as the globalisation of the corporate market gives rise to firms from around the world, particularly, as we are seeing, the Middle East, looking to move into the UK and European markets not with physical stores and premises, but with ecommerce businesses. All of these developments are offering us many great opportunities to grow even further and build upon our current expertise.”