Food and Fresh Produce

Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 provide a powerful food supply chain business management solution. They enable companies in the Fresh Produce and Food Processing supply chain to move, track, and trace products (in real time), getting stock to market with speed, efficiency, and transparency, enabling increased profitability.

We provide a flexible solution and have a complete understanding of the challenges and needs faced by companies working within the Food Supply Chain. Along with the standard Dynamics functionality, you'll get:

  • Catchweight Functionality
  • Call Planning
  • Fast Order Entry
  • Shipment Management
  • Purchasing Planning
  • Consignment Receipts
  • Quality Control

How you can benefit from Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365:

  • Compliance – accurately mange product information and respond quickly with precise data
  • Streamlined operational management processes – meet your customers’ demands and cut costs
  • Immediate access to production works orders - so you can change customer orders at short notice
  • Integrated inventory management – with full traceability, accurate stock control data and monitoring of stock requirements
  • Financial management – with a complete accounts system and integrated fixed assets
  • Powerful management reporting – so you can analyse data across your entire business
  • Transparent and efficient business processes – so it’s much easier to measure business performance and you can provide a better service to customers
  • A solution that supports the growth of your business – with the flexibility to support changes in the organisation and business environment
  • Reduced cost of ownership