Getting the latest fashion to market is not a quick process, for most companies working in this industry there's a lot of planning before anything gets made; even then, when it is, there is often a short window of opportunity before the consumer has moved on to the next must-have item.

Fashion companies have one of the most complex and demanding end-to-end business requirements from PDM through to Sales, Purchasing, Production, Distribution and Claims. There are a myriad of interlinking transactions and dependencies, and should any of those go awry the entire supply chain can be dramatically affected.

Having a system that can manage, control, inform and assist in getting the concepts to customers is key to a business being successful and profitable. Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 provide fashion organisations with a complete end-to-end solution that can help at every stage of the process, in a seamless, single solution.

What do you get with Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 for the Fashion Industry?

  • Product Data Management
  • Collection Management
  • Sales
  • Sales via Web
  • Allocation & Picking
  • Purchase
  • Purchase via Web
  • Production
  • Claims

You also get nSemble

nSemble is our own enhancement for the fashion industry, which gives you the ability to manage all aspects of fashion related items within Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365.  This includes variations in styles, sizes, seasons, different colours as well as brands.  There's also additional functionality which helps adding these items and their variations to Purchase Orders and Sales Orders.

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