Our Hotel Management System offers one complete software solution covering all the processes in hospitality!

Achieve back office zen!

Sadly Hotel and Hospitably back-office teams often find themselves much lower down the pecking order than the front-office PMS and EPOS teams. However, the standards that are expected of them are high; carrying out advanced processes and in-depth business analysis are considered part of the course! Luckily, with the right back-office system life can be made so much easier allowing for ease of reporting and automation of complex processes.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 offer the path to back-office zen! As they are full ERP systems you get an extensive tool-kit of functionality including real time reporting, purchase order & inventory management, sales & general ledgers to name a few (check out the full list of functionality below)! You can implement the parts of the solution that fit within your current infrastructure as a fully integrated core back office. Predicting future growth? Rest safe in the knowledge that Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 can grow with your business needs!

By making Dynamics NAV /365 your core system you will gain a single financial version of the truth. No more reporting on multiple systems and companies to understand your business; Dynamics NAV / 365 can fully integrate with your PMS and EPOS systems meaning you can report in real time on your revenue, costs and KPI’s directly in Dynamics NAV / 365.

Deployment is as flexible as your requirements:

  • Software - can be purchased with as single costs or on a subscription / Software as a Service (SAAS) basis
  • Hardware - you can install on your own servers, a 3rd party server, on The NAV People hosted Azure environment, or on The Cloud. This offers you all the flexibility of using your current hardware or an offsite / cloud solution with a monthly cost.

A typical deployment would include the below functionality but it can be scaled up or down to suit your requirements. Our aim is to make Dynamics NAV / 365 fit your current estate and reduce the number of applications you need!

Typical Deployment Functionality:


  • Ease of Access

o   PC
o   Webpage
o   Tablet
o   Phone
o   Automated Reports distributed via email – Daily Flash etc.
o   Reports can be requested via email. e.g. ‘What revenue has an Agent Delivered and Commission paid?’

  • General Ledger

o   Fully integrated to all other system
o   All statistical capture to allow easy KPI reporting (Sleep, Dinner, RevPAR etc.)

  • Sales Ledger

o   Full management of the sales ledger from NAV / 365
o   Invoices can be amended direct from NAV / 365
o   Payments taken directly
o   Credit Control

  • Purchase Order Management

o   Full purchasing process for stock and non-stock
o   3 Way PO matching
o   POs can be raised in NAV / 365 or via an Excel form that is emailed to NAV / 365
o   Purchase Order (PO) approval process, with approval of PO within NAV / 365 or via email for non-system users. Very useful to get approval from colleagues on the move like General and Area Managers!

  • Inventory Management

o   Orders of products
o   Receiving products to kitchens and cellars
o   Transfer orders - cellars to bars
o   Stocktake of locations, with inventory corrections

  • Fixed Asset Management

o   Depreciation
o   Tracking

  • Budget

o   Record multiple budgets in Dynamics NAV / 365
o   Record multiple forecast in Dynamics NAV / 365
o   Upload for Excel

  • Bank Account Management

o   Multiple accounts
o   Multiple currencies
o   Auto bank reconciliation with your bank statements
o   Suppler payments - bank integration for payments (SEPA)

  • Other

o   VAT management
o   Foreign currency management

  • Reporting

o   Live personalised KPI on user’s role centre (the role centre is the dashboard in NAV / 365)
o   Live Excel report direct from NAV. If a transaction is posted in NAV / 365 it will show in your excel report immediately!

  • nHanced Functionality

o   Document management on all records in NAV / 365
o   Document scanning. POs and Invoices can be scanned into NAV / 365 which will automatically attach to the correct record in NAV / 365
o   Purchase Order approval within NAV / 365 and via email
o   Electronic Forms – Users can complete forms in Excel that are emailed to NAV / 365 and are automatically imported
o   Expense teams can complete expenses on the go, capturing the receipts in the system as they are incurred via the Dynamics NAV / 365 phone App


  • PMS – Property Management System

o   Revenues
o   Statistics, rooms sold, sleepers, no shows etc.
o   Customers
o   Sales invoices
o   Sales ledger
o   Deposit management

  • EPOS – Till System

o   Revenue by location
o   KPIs
o   Transfer orders

  • Payroll

o   Costs by department
o   KPIs


A hefty ERP system was beyond our price range and presented features we don’t need. The appeal with Dynamics NAV is that we can customise the solution for [what] we need.