Warehouse mobility with Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory

Cope with higher market demands, optimise processes, lower costs, improve customer satisfaction and enhance competitiveness!


With a plethora of products continually streaming in and out of the warehouse, it is now more important than ever for a warehouse employee to be able to collect and control data in order to ensure more efficient and faster workflows. One solution is Mobile WMS for Dynamics NAV to ensure you will stay ahead of your competitors!

The idea behind the Mobile WMS application was to build a fast, easy-to-use and ultraconfigurable data collection application that works in both offline and online scenarios. Not an easy task; more than 1,000 development hours have been invested in the product and the work continues! The Mobile WMS application is developed to run on multiple operating systems, with Android as the primary target. Mobile WMS supports all versions of Dynamics NAV (ver. 4 and upwards) and switching to a new version is very easy. In other words, Mobile WMS is completely future proof. With more than 80 implementation partners and 250 satisfied customers in more than 30 countries Tasklet Factory has proven that the Mobile WMS solution for Dynamics NAV is a great option when going mobile in the warehouse.

The Mobile WMS application is designed with a focus on minimising ‘clicks’ and irrelevant information. Due to the user-friendly interface and aesthetic design of the software, users will spend minimal time on user training. Employees in a warehouse typically find the Mobile WMS application easy to work with because it hides the complexity of the full Dynamics NAV client. With Mobile WMS, employees can simply scan a barcode, see where it is stored and adjust the figures if necessary without returning to a desktop. This real-time view of warehouse inventory provides endless benefits as the number of goods showed in Dynamics NAV is completely reliable.

with Mobile WMS, employees can simply scan a barcode, see where it is stored & adjust the figures if necessary without returning to a desktop.

Wireless networks are great, no doubt about it, but with any wireless technology there are problems! Wireless network signals can be weakened by things like other networks nearby, or if you store certain items in your warehouse that will block the wireless signal. As a result of this, getting a 100% stable network coverage in your entire area of usage can be very difficult. It is much easier (and much less expensive) to choose Mobile WMS with integrated offline functionality. It’s all about eliminating problems before they happen!

By keeping things as simple as possible, close to standard and putting stability, usability and easy maintenance first, Mobile WMS is a great solution to enable you to cope with higher market demands.

Mobile WMS for Dynamics NAV integrates to standard
Every function available in the Mobile WMS application originates from Dynamics NAV. Tasklet Factory have tried to avoid changing the standard warehouse functionality in any way. The goal has simply been to make the functions available on a mobile device with a workflow optimised for the use of barcodes.

Offline functionality - this is how it works…
The Mobile WMS application downloads the order lines from NAV to a local database on the device. This is what allows the application to work offline for shorter or longer periods of time. This means the work can be performed without a network connection in parts of the usage area where the network connection is poor.

Installed in only 2 days!
With Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory it takes only two days to implement the standard solution and roll-out the first steps of the work processes. Of course this presupposes a functional NAV installation!

Easy to customise
Mobile WMS is an application that is not hardcoded in any way. You can add new data collection screens on the mobile device without code changes, making customisations easy to implement. Some customisations can be developed in minutes and the majority of changes can be completed in a few hours.

For more information on Tasklet’s Mobile WMS visit: www.taskletfactory.com