Anveo: Offline service app for NAV

'The NAV People are delighted to partner with Anveo, and add the flexibility of their offline Mobile App Builder to our product portfolio. We are truly passionate about all things NAV and love to find partners that share our enthusiasm. Being able to work inside NAV to configure native solutions for users of any device is right up our street – Anveo gives our customers a great solution to extend NAV beyond its usual boundaries.' Matt Aitken, Mobile Product Manager, The NAV People.

That being said: Why is Offline capability Important? In theory, with a direct connection to Dynamics NAV all data can be received directly from the central server, without storing the data locally. In practice, however, a very stable and fast internet connection is required for smooth workflow. Small interruptions and dropouts of data connection affect the work immensely. In practice most of the time meaning: back to pen and paper, unsatisfied customers, invalid or in incoherent data – a hazard for your workflows and your business.

The Anveo Mobile App is the solution. Let’s have a closer look at typical scenarios.

The Service Scenario
The dispatcher creates a new service job or adds an existing order for the customer at office headquarters. Then the ticket is sent to a service technician with the expected time requirement. This assignment can also be done through a graphical user interface from third party software.

As the technician using the App:

> Start time tracking on your service order

> Access item information

> Start your service tasks

> Work through your to-do list and use the efficient Anveo tools and features I.E. documentation via camera / painting tool, look up supply items, get the customers signature, GPS tracking, item history, external documents…

The Sales Scenario
The customer data is clearly displayed in a list and can be optional filter to the sales person code. Through the intuitive navigation of Anveo Mobile Sales App further details of the customer can access quickly. For example the customer balance can be viewed and with one click the details can be shown. Write e-mails, make phone calls or start navigation – everything is possible with a single click directly.

> Read and enter customer information based on comment lines

> Edit address and use the GPS navigation

> Create Orders or Quotes and use the Anveo tools and features OFFLINE

i.e. Meeting reports (via dictionary/ typing or recognition of speech), add items (via lookup or Barcode), Customer signatures, push notification on important data changes directly from NAV, Offline Report/ PDF generation…

Good to know

For customised systems: Access any field or table of your system OFFLINE, including custom fields

For older systems: Anveo is available even for 2009 systems up to the latest NAV version.

Performance & comfort: During synchronization of the mobile device with Dynamics NAV only the changed and new data is synchronised. Changes in the set up are transmitted within – no extra roll outs needed.


Your Benefit: The Anveo Mobile App is a NAV powered App with full offline capability enabling fluent workflows. Creating your own app for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows is fairly easy. With just a few mouse clicks, you can
define the user interface and functionality tailored app directly in NAV. Use Anveo Script and make your business processes available to your employees’ offline.

For more information

Have a look at Anveo provides a variety of step-by-step videos or take part in one of the free LIVE webinars. Of course you can experience Anveo on your device as well, just download a free demo in your app store. Talk to us for a demo installation on your system with your own data, Anveo provides 30 day free trial licenses.