Top 5 Features in Dynamics NAV 2017

By Nick Makin, Product Specialist at The NAV People

1. Outlook Client
This is a must see! Microsoft have made the bridge between NAV and Office a lot shorter ... but don't worry, there aren’t any trolls sat underneath it! Now, directly in Outlook you can see your contact information from NAV (it identifies contacts using the email address) or you can create a new contact or associate them with a company directly from Outlook! From Outlook you can see all the statistics about this contact and you can even create new Sales Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos, without switching applications! (Flip side applies for Vendors and purchase documents).

In addition, if for example you receive an email from a Customer about ‘Sales Quote 1006’ which is somewhere in the email, a ‘Document Links’ tab will appear in Outlook which will open up the record in NAV in your Outlook window.
This isn't the only NAV / Office magic that has happened in this release; Excel integration now means you can send data to Excel and later on update that data back into NAV (It now uses OData where previously it was just Read).

2. User Interface
A lot of the pages throughout the whole application have been tidied up, with unnecessary fields hidden making the whole application a lot nicer and much quicker to use - which is very important for new NAV users or perhaps those that are using RTC for the first time.

Click here to see the comparison below of the Item Card in 2016 and now in 2017:

Item Card Comparison

The web, tablet and phone clients continue to receive improvements. Most noticeable are:
- The ‘brick view’ which allows you to view records as big squares with pictures, very nice on mobile devices.
- ‘Brick fact boxes’, easier to drill down on mobile devices
- ‘Gestures’- and no, I don't mean opening the door for someone. Gestures have been added to the phone client so you can have a list and swipe one way to carry out an action. For example, swiping an item right to add it to requisition worksheet or swipe another way to display up to 3 buttons.

In addition, tool tips have been added to actions and columns to help inform users on what the action or field is, again another really nice addition to the application which shouldn't be overlooked. Thank you Microsoft!


3. Item Attributes
Have you ever wanted to add something to the Item which wasn't there? Perhaps the colour or material? Of course you have! Well in our nHanced NAV product we've always had that ability to do so without modifying any standard object, so a user can add any new fields them self. Now in 2017, Item Attributes have been added so you can now create your own attributes, give it a value per item and then filter the Item List by these values. Nice to see this feature in the standard product!

4. Assisted Setup
Help where and when you need it. Assisted Setup pages have been created to guide you through setting something up which you may not do frequently, for example migrating company data, setup email logging, etc. These are accessible from the Role Centre. Also, gone are the wizards which always popped up when you didn't need them, for example creating a new opportunity wizard is finally gone! Hurrah! Now the opportunity card opens without any fuss.


5. Notifications
Brand new! If you create a Sales Orders for an Item you don't have in stock, a notification will appear just below the Actions Ribbon. These are designed to be non-intrusive notifications that a user can acknowledge without stopping them all together. Custom Notifications can be written in code and for the out-the-box ones there is a ‘My Notifications’ page which you can open to define which notifications you do or do not want to see for your user.

So that's our top 5, we'll continue to write more blogs about these in more detail as well as those that didn't make this one - which is probably a good thing otherwise it would've been huge!

If you'd like to check out any of these for yourself, sign up for NAVonDemand if you haven't already to get your own NAV 2017 demo system or feel free to get in touch!