Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

The mission of The NAV People is to provide what everyone should expect from a partner in business; a high level of expertise, amazing product innovation and the absolute best standard of customer service.  We believe fairness is the key to good business and profit is the end result of successful business relationships, not a goal to aim for. We will always strive to improve, and are committed to a future of innovation, service and of course the wonderful Dynamics NAV product.


Our Values

We have some straight-forward values that we ask all our staff to uphold. Together they make us the friendly, reliable and expert team that are ‘The NAV People’!

o   Don't sell ... Tell

o   Be nice people to work with

o   Be trustworthy

o   Be honest

o   NAV by name NAV by nature

o   Customers beat prospects

o   Ask and be happy to be asked

o   No divisions just groups

o   Care for the customer like our jobs depend on it … because they do!