We know that when it comes to meeting specific industry challenges, one size really doesn’t fit all. That's why we've developed exclusive industry-specific offerings for a variety of markets including the below.

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We provide healthcare organisations with a single solution to manage their entire business process, enabling them to move, track, and trace products (in real time), ensure compliance with ever changing laws and regulations and take the stress out of surprise audits!

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Keeping the customer happy is key to good retailing, but great customer service doesn't start the minute they walk through the door ... visit your website ... OR speak to your call centre. So what's the secret?

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The evolving world of retail may not have many certainties, but one thing we do know is that a great back-office system helps make a great retailer, which in turn makes customers very happy!

Dynamics NAV has been providing omni-channel solutions to the retail industry for over fifteen years, so whether it's providing just the core Head Office functionality, through mobilising your stores and customers, Dynamics NAV has a fully integrated end-to-end solution in one box.

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Are you in the brewery, beverage or distribution industry?

If the answer is YES and you're using disparate systems, disjointed processes and don't have one easy simply view of all departments across your business, then you need Dynamics NAV and Drink-IT!

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Sadly Hotel and Hospitably back-office teams often find themselves much lower down the pecking order than the front-office PMS and EPOS teams. However, the standards that are expected of them are high; carrying out advanced processes and in-depth business analysis are considered part of the course! Luckily, with the right back-office system life can be made so much easier allowing for ease of reporting and automation of complex processes.

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There are few industries other than fashion which work at such high pace and stock turnover. To satisfy the standards which customers expect and to keep up-to-date in this most demanding of industries businesses need a software solution which allows them to easily manage their inventory and warehouse, place orders with ease and integrate smoothly with their e-commerce platform.

Our fashion layer ‘nSemble’ does just that; it is an uncomplicated solution to assist fashion distributors to manage supply change, fashion items and customers.

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Our Food solution gives businesses one solution to manage the entire Food Chain, enabling you to move, track, and trace products (in real time), getting stock to market with speed, efficiency, and transparency, meaning increased profitability.

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Dynamics NAV provides furniture companies with a complete end-to-end solution that can help at every stage of the process, in a seamless, single solution.

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