nHanced Portal Framework Technology

The nHanced Portal Framework Technology delivers a slick front-end web experience to access Microsoft Dynamics NAV data and business processes in real-time. It delivers access to specific information in a familiar and intuitive user interface on any device.

The framework consists of a web application connected to a component in the Dynamics NAV system that handles fundamentals such as negotiating security, setting up account logins, assigning roles that govern web access levels, data exchange between the web application and NAV and general error handling. The web application delivers the user experience; Dynamics NAV delivers the data. There is no separate web database and therefore no need for synchronisation of data between the two systems.

nHanced Portals are managed within Dynamics NAV, in a department option called Web Portal (/Departments/Web Portal). It is here that initial configuration can be set up, along with new users and their portal roles. With the framework in place, the web portal can be developed to expose any amount of data and business logic within Dynamcis NAV, enabling internet users to securely interact with processes at the heart of the business.