nHanced Panels & Tiles

We all like a bit of colour on our screen!

When NAV 2013 R2 was released, the stacks of paper we used to see on the RTC were replaced with blue blocks, bringing it into line with the Windows 8 interface. The first question we asked was whether or not we could change the colour of these blue tiles, but alas Microsoft said no...  

Always up for a challenge, our Product Development Team have created their own version, which gives you the ability to create your own tiles, change the colour, logos and even add animation! As it stands if you wanted to change these, you would need a Developer but we’ve created a simple add-on, which allows ‘super users’ to create and manage their own Tiles within Dynamics NAV and you can change the colour of them!

Tiles can be used to either open another Panel or can open a page, e.g. the Sales Order list, straight from the Role Centre. These Tiles can present a value to the user, for example the amount of Open Sales Orders can be displayed so the user knows how many there are before opening the page.

The filters can be defined by a user and can be used to filter records based on what the user wants to see, for example the amount of customers that have a balance over £1,000. Tiles can even be setup so they dynamically change colour based on a value, for example if there are over 10 Customers with a balance over £1,000, change to red.

Links can be created and added to a Panel and again are used to quickly access and run an object, the only difference between a Tile is that they don’t have the room to display a value on them. These Tiles and Links can be created against any record or to open any page that a user has access to in the system.


  • Open Sales Orders
  • Customers with a Balance
  • My Open Quotes


  • Quick to define
  • Quickly run or access an object
  • Run Planning Board, Quick Report, Checklist, etc.
  • Change colour based on value


nHanced Panels & Tiles is included in the following bundles:

  • nAblement Bundle
  • Personalisation Bundle

You can download our bundles pack here