nHanced Attachments

What’s it all about?

It’s important we keep track of documents and make them easily available – so rather than spending a small fortune on document management – our nHanced Attachments module allows files of any type to be stored against any record in NAV via the nHanced Information Factbox.

As well as common document formats you can attach any file type you like – even videos and images. You can also choose where the files are stored so the database administrators among you need not fear a bloaty database!


You can add files via upload, drag & drop and there is a very clever ‘Get’ function which allows the user to import any current opened Word, Excel or Outlook files automatically so you don’t need to go digging for them. The files are then either stored against a NAV record or dropped into a file library.

Version control

When you import a file, you can categorise it against a predefined list of document type and apply version control to it, so for example – import a contract and it will date stamp it and apply the correct version to it.

Archiving documents manually?  

Instead how about when you enter information from the document, you print off a label with a barcode on and stick it to the original document? Then when this is scanned in, our automated user nOra can archive it from a file directory automatically for you! This can also be used for proof of delivery documents.

Extremely clever automation

One of the standout features of nHanced Attachments is the fact that you can import a file and let nOra extract the contents and enter the info into NAV for you! This can save hours of repetitive text entry. For example, if you have a spreadsheet with new info against customers – you can just import it and nOra will validate the data is correct and enter or update the changes automatically.

nHanced Attachments is included in the following bundles:

  • Workflow Bundle
  • nForm Bundle
  • nAblement Bundle
  • Personalisation Bundle

You can download our bundles pack here