nHanced eComm

Have you ever wondered why, when everyone sells their stuff online (well if not everyone but an awful lot of you!) the basic processes of ‘you buy from me, pay me some money and I’ll ship the goods to you’ seems so complicated to setup?

For years, nay decades, ‘we’ in the IT sector, and especially in the Dynamics NAV world have treated eCommerce integration as a project. You tell us what you need, we’ll talk about the myriad of options and opportunities in Dynamics NAV, we’ll do programming and interface magic and hey presto another company selling, shipping and accounting for their eCommerce orders.

At The NAV People we have some serious companies processing tens of thousands (yes tens of thousands!) of order lines per day. MATCHESFASHION. COM ships high-end fashion all over the world with orders coming in from a high volume website as well as retail stores, Feelunique.com ship beauty products internationally and Healthspan.com have 60+ telesales operators adding to a high volume vitamin products website with promotional offers working consistently between web and tele-sales. (We clearly see it as our mission at The NAV People to keep people looking and feeling great hence our customers range from beauty to fashion to beer retailers!)

The problem is Dynamics NAV / Business Central allows people to make many choices. Flexibility is great of course, but customers often want to implement ‘best practice’ and not rethink the basics. To this end we decided to streamline the basic processes and deliver an out-the-box solution with the decisions made. Of course we still have all that amazing flexibility that NAV / Business Central offers, but our customers can spend their time thinking how to get a business advantage and not lose time on ‘should a warehouse shipment be per order or per courier?’ or ‘what’s the best way to deal with back orders?’

Enter nHanced eCommerce, nHanced Order Management and nHanced Payments: the three main pillars of our solution for anyone processing either eCommerce or consumer focused orders.

The 30,000-foot view for those with limited time and attention!

  • APIs to integrate your eCommerce with NAV / Business Central
  • Standard Configuration and flow of incoming orders through to warehouse despatch
  • Back Order handling
  • Payment integration (Auth/Capture/Refund)
  • Customer Service (Case Management, Refunds etc.)
  • Sales Analysis and email marketing integration

The Functionality List (for those with a little more time). What's involved:

We wanted to have standard answers to the common questions and avoid re-invention of those pesky wheels. What’s more, to start the ball rolling (or the should that be the wheel?) customers often ask how to integrate their eCommerce site, so we created a bunch of nice standard web services for the common integration points of customers, orders, stock and products.

Secondly, we wanted a standard answer to payment integration, so to this end we created nHanced Payments, a card payment interface manager, to leave the NAV side of card integration in a common format. nHanced Payments is a routing application written outside of NAV that takes care of passing the transaction to the merchant, manages the e-pdq mechanism in tele-sales operations and provides a standard payment gateway to the Dynamics NAV solution.

We then moved on to streamlining and standardising the order flow including how the system checks if the order is ‘fully deliverable’. If this is not the case we create a back order for the non-deliverable items, (if back orders are configured to be allowed) and the shippable orders lines are sent to the warehouse to be despatched once the ‘finance check’ has been cleared (this can be authorised funds, captured funds e.g. where the funds were captured on the web site), captured at finance check (i.e. make sure I have the funds before continuing) or even check against funds on the account (e.g. a credit). Order picking and shipment best practice is then used to get the goods on the way.

A stock allocation mechanism is available to help manage clashes of orders / stock needs. This is not needed if allocation is simply on a first-come-first-served basis, but often a human is best for working out that if we don’t ship the one-line from this five-line order, we could satisfy a number of other orders!

We looked at the customer service needs too. All transactions relating to a web order or tele-sales transaction are linked with a buying reference. This is important as it means that from the initial order the user can easily see the trail of order, related back order, shipped items and waiting to be shipped orders in an easy view. The buying reference is also the point of ‘fund allocation’ meaning a card captured against the original order has a balance used against both the original and future back orders.

Finally, we extended the customer service case functionality (previously called ‘Incidents’ by the way) to meet the needs of customer service call-logging and monitoring, refund and complaint management and any other actionable customer service need.

nHanced eCommerce

Standard APIs for web developers to use:

  • Get items, prices and master data
  • Create new customer
  • Here is an order for you with customer and payment information
  • Is this item still in stock? (for those small stock items that need final checks)

Standard APIs for 'My Orders'

  • Get open orders
  • Get historical orders
  • Get shipments
  • Create return/RMA
  • Create customer service case (complaint etc.)

nHanced Order Management


  • Fast customer search
  • Phone integrator / Call pop
  • Quick order entry
  • Integrated card payments (nHanced Payments) (auth/capture)
  • Integrated promotion engine (web and telesales)

Web Order Conversion

  • Convert incoming orders to sales orders
  • Post payment (if captured online)
  • Find contact or create if new
  • Fraud holds

Order Release

  • Check stock / partial ship rules
  • Check payment status / capture (option)
  • Allocate stock
  • Send to warehouse for shipping
  • Pick options (per order / wave pick / same day first / singles first etc.)
  • Packing desk confirmation / capture (option)
  • Confirm despatch
  • Create/manage back orders
  • Order tracking

nHanced Payment

  • Card or other payment processing inside NAV / Business Central (from sales order)
  • Integration to merchant (e.g. WorldPay, Cyber Source)
  • API to feed card auth/capture information to NAV / Business Central from eCommerce
  • Refund processing from Customer Service / order screens

Customer Service (nHanced CRM)

  • Log Customer Service case
  • Manage open cases
  • Assign tasks / cases
  • Refund / RMA management
  • Log emails
  • Customer Portal API and site


  • Build segment from sales data
  • eMarketing (using 3rd Party emailing software)

Hopefully the above helps you understand the scope of the modules. Essentially if you take orders online or via telesales and you want to streamline the eCommerce experience with your Dynamics NAV / Business Central solution, we’ve solved the bits you’re going to want to solve!

nHanced eComm is included in the following bundles:

  • Sales Bundle

You can download our bundles pack here