nHanced Checklists

Checklists allow you to create a set of 'tasks' against a record. Simple, but brilliant!

  • Create a checklist for anything and trigger automatically for the user to complete. e.g. Month End, New Customer
  • Update status of the checklist
  • Integrates fully with nHanced Workflow (create a checklist as part of the workflow, when it's done the workflow continues)
  • Checklists can be assigned to a user or multiple users
  • Update the Checklist right where you need it, e.g. on the customer card when creating your new customer


  • New Item
  • Item QA
  • Month End


  • Create automatically from an nHanced Workflow
  • Improved visibility in the nHanced Information Factbox
  • Create Checklists for any type of record in your system
  • Generate templates for a series of tasks
  • Create a checklist attached to each record in question from the Template
  • Assign Tasks to various Contacts to complete


This product is not currently featured in one of our bundles