Automated User (nOra)

We’ve deliberately created a character to reflect our Automated User module, which allows nOra’s identity to unfold and of course, it becomes easier for us to explain...

Our Automated User, who we call nOra (an acronym for NAV Open Response Architecture), is a permanently logged-in user of Dynamics NAV, with access to her own email ( She's a fellow Jet Reports user and it's her job to make the process of workflow seamless within your organisation.

What sort of thing can nOra do?

nOra's pretty impressive, she's a 24/7 users with no wages, takes no comfort breaks and has no attitude! Her job allows her to automatically:

  • Send a report from Jet Reports to a user in response to an email
  • Store documents within Dynamics NAV when copied in on an email
  • Update workflows upon receiving an email response from a user
  • Attach and import electronic forms emailed to her or pick up documents from document queues

Here's what our customers have to say about nOra:

'nOra saves us at least one man-day a month in administration time, however, during acquisitions and re-organisations, the time saved is almost incalculable!'
Alison Steadman, Systems Accountant, Claranet

'Previously, the property management team had to manually manage the purchase order approval, today the entire process is fully automated, nOra does it all!'

Steve Tice, IT Manager, Everards