nHanced NAV

Created by us and certified by Microsoft, nHanced NAV is a collection of modules that offers you that extra extended versatility of your system. Click the links below to learn more about each module.

nHanced Personalisation

nHanced Personalisation


nHanced NAV - nHancement


Administration & API






nHanced NAV - Other Modules

Other Modules

  • nHanced Help Management
  • nOra
  • nHanced Portal Framework Technology (more info soon!)
  • nHanced Pre Configured Portal (more info soon!)
  • nHanced POS (more info soon!)
  • nHanced Search (more info soon!)
  • nHanced Quality Control (more info soon!)


nHanced for Classic NAV

nHanced for Classic

All the benefits of the latest version of Dynamics NAV, but without the need to upgrade!

We understand that not every company is ready to upgrade to the latest version so with nHanced for Classic NAV (implementable on all Classic versions), we do a quick technical upgrade as part of the install, so you can get everything in your Dynamics NAV within days!

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nHanced NAV Bundles

We offer selected nHanced NAV modules as bundle packages:

  • Workflow Bundle
  • nAblement Bundle
  • Reporting Bundle
  • nForm Bundle
  • Personalisation Bundle
  • Sales Bundle
Download our Bundles pack here