nHanced for Classic NAV

Gives you the benefits found in the latest version of Dynamics NAV, but without the need to upgrade!

We’re delighted to announce the release of nHanced for Classic NAV, bringing over our most popular modules in our nAblement and nHanced 365 suites to give the Classic Client a Hollywood grade facelift!

Adding amazing features to any version Classic NAV, this can now extend your solution with integrated nHanced Workflow, Document Management, Electronic Forms, Tagging, Quick Reports, as well as a stunning extendable Role Centre.

Functional add-ons like the nHanced 365 Credit Control and CRM Log are also available to provide efficiency gains in both AR and AP functions and nForcement, our own Permission Manager, makes setting up secure permissions efficient and easy to maintain.

Our nHanced for Classic Modules are:

  • Smart Role Centre
  • Workflow
  • Document Management
  • nHanced Forms
  • nHanced Fields
  • Quick Reports
  • nForcement

All-in-all, nHanced for Classic NAV allows users on Classic versions to gain great functional benefits normally only available on RTC, offering a brand new option in any Upgrade plan going forward.

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