The NAV People are going back to school!

In spite of great roles available in the tech industry it is one of the less well promoted career paths in the UK.  It is often perceived as a mysterious sector with those who work in it explaining their jobs to new acquaintances by vaguely muttering about working for ‘a software company’ or ‘in an IT department’ before quickly moving onto to enquire about their companion’s career.  It would seem that tech roles are impossibly difficult to explain or perhaps they are just too boring to be spoken about in public?  But it should not be so!  The UK’s Technology Sector is our fastest growing industry; it has been described by the Prime Minister as ‘a Great British Success Story’ and it provides over 1.64 million digital tech jobs.  It is clear that there is fantastic potential for the next generation to thrive in this era of digital expansion and that raising a greater awareness of the opportunities available is essential.  But how to do that?

The NAV People are committed to encouraging young people into the tech industry and we believe the best way to do it is by giving them some real-life experiences and the opportunity to speak to real-life tech workers! 

This month a team from The NAV People will be going back to school to speak at the Swindon Academy about career opportunities at companies like The NAV People and to give them hands-on experience of coding with NAV!  The classes of secondary school pupils will be given a retail NAV environment and they will have a go at setting up products and item attributes and get stuck in with some real coding scenarios.  The NAV People will be working alongside volunteers from Travel Port, HSBC and Monahans to raise the aspirations of young people and to inspire them to achieve their maximum potential.

The NAV People also run frequent apprenticeship schemes and coding camps for young people interested in learning more about working in the tech sector.  If you are interested to find out more please contact Faye Rivers: