Nav Implementation
That's The Bees Knees

Our Day in the Life approach is the ultimate way to implement an ERP system!

Talking to your Business as a Whole

Something that distinguishes us from other Microsoft Dynamics NAV resellers is our unique ‘Day in the Life’ Implementation Methodology.

We will talk to your business as a whole, discussing your typical day processes in simple terms. Instead of writing a massive document to capture all of these processes, we develop a model of your business within NAV itself - your real data in a real NAV environment - so you can see exactly what you’ll be getting.

So Don't Despair

It’s a solution you have seen working in context, with items, suppliers and customers you know, not just a big old document with lots of caveats and clauses. Far better than the regular documented approach, eh?

More about Day In The Life

What happens when you start a project?

You'll start with what we call a 'Hot Week'. During this week we will work with you to create a proof of concept environment, configuring your NAV system so that it reflects how your business works.

Watch the video to learn more and hear a customer experience of a Hot Week.

Implementation - upgrading

Thinking about upgrading?

Question: Should you upgrade?

Answer: Upgrading a Dynamics NAV implementation that's working well should only be considered if the new version offers sufficient benefit over the stability offered by your existing solution.

Upgrading Dynamics NAV