These guys are the head honchos!

Meet the Team - Ian


Managing Director and Product Director … depending on the day!

Ian is one of the most experienced Dynamics NAV guys in the UK starting with version 1.0, so in the distant past when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Having had a life as an IT Manager of both manufacturing companies and distribution companies prior to his Dynamics NAV life, Ian understands the reality of IT solutions and projects needing to be pragmatic and not full of techie jargon.  

Ian had spent several years helping to build the largest solution NAV centre in the UK.  Keen to get back to dealing with customers, users and his beloved Dynamics NAV product, he left to set up The NAV People and is now involved on a daily basis with our wonderful customers and products. He is constantly looking at new technologies to enhance our customers' use of Dynamics NAV (and yes, he gets crazily excited about new stuff!).

Random Fact: As a keen musician, he owns a staggering 30 different instruments and plays them all to the same very poor level...

Meet the Team - Matt


Marketing & Sales Director

Having left school, Matt qualified as a Chef, which of course is an ideal starting point for anyone who wanted a career in IT! Shocked by the amount of hard work and unsociable hours, he settled for a more grown up career in Accountancy. Unfortunately, he found this all too dull, but his experience with business solutions guided him into the IT world where he has worked for the last 25 years with products such as Tetra, Oracle and Dynamics NAV - the latter being his true love.

Having realised through his IT career that sales guys have it easy, Matt has continued his career as being a salesman that knows far too much for his own good!

Meet the Team - David


Operations Director

As a frustrated motorcycle racer, for much of his career David has balanced the need for speed with the need for funds. To support this obsession, he's spent the past 25 years working in the ERP world with products such as BOS, Tetra and Dynamics NAV, consistently delivering successful results.

Before joining The NAV People, he enjoyed a very successful and enjoyable period in the Pub and Brewery sector (he assures us it was working not drinking) - it is no surprise then that David enjoys the fast moving environment at The NAV People, where his passion for Dynamics NAV is matched by his colleagues.